BK Wines

Spring Release

2018 Petillant Naturel Chardonnay

The second rule of Pet-Nat club is quite similar to the first rule: it needs to be fizzy. Really fizzily fizzy. Our take on this rustic, farmhouse answer to those snobs over Champagne way is nothing if not fizz laden, glittering with a tight bead and topped with a sea-foam mousse. With all of the hallmarks of a refined blanc de blanc – bone dry, scrumptiously yeasty, and the tart-and-cream flavours of custard apple or key lime pie – but without the fussiness of méthode champenoise, this is the perfect aperitif for dinner guests ranging from paupers to princes. All of the delectable, none of the dainty.
100% Basket Range Chardonnay. Whole-bunch pressed to concrete ‘egg’ fermenter. Fermented until nearly dry.

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2018 Pinot Grigio

Often Grigio is a knock-out, linear, feast for the olfactory senses before all else. This vintage at BK, though, saw greater lees contact resulting in a very different story – one that’s all about texture, a beautifully creamy, velveteen, mid-palate structure. Seeking sensory-word guidance from the flavour wheel, we would suggest thinking of crunchy, ripe, yellow peaches and a luscious burnt-butter topping. Above all else, there is remarkable integrity in the translation from vine-to-wine in this year’s Grigio – so reminiscent of tasting this grape in the vineyard on its warm, harvest day.
Whole-bunch pressed to stainless steel. Wild fermentation. Bottled four months post-fermentation.

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2018 Rose

The beauty of producing rosé is that the variations on this winemaking theme go well beyond a wine that sits somewhere between shades of white and red. This particular version, for example, sits at the delicate tipping point into pink – at the palest, lightest-brushstroke end of blush – and bears virtually no relation whatsoever to the rosés that continue to dominate Australian wine shops. Spiced and herbal, provincial and musky, savoury, light and lifted. This is the perfect girls’ weekend in the making, provided the girls have tickets to head to Bandol on the Côte d’Azur.

100% Pinot Noir saignée. Old French barrels. Five months on lees.

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2018 Carbonic Pinot Noir

Carbonic maceration is a winemaking technique that keeps the grapes intact and encourages a fermentation within each individual berry. The result is characteristic lifted, strawberry aromas and a ‘drink-me-now’ profile. This vintage’s Carbonic Pinot Noir displays both the intensity of the original Pinot Noir fruit alongside the brightness of this winemaking style. Pure summer pudding soaked in cassis with classic Pinot Noir forest-floor and bramble depth and a fresh, vivid palate. Feel free to serve slightly chilled in the summer months… and plan on needing more than a single bottle at any one time.
100% whole bunch. Sealed untouched for one month.

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