BK Wines

Spring Release

2016 Petillant Naturel

Our 2016 Pet Nat is a pure, unabashed blanc-de-blanc with a bead and mousse profile firm enough to make any champagne blush with jealousy.

Roiling foam and an effervescent tickle are the opening salvo. Biscuit and nutmeg notes with a tart Pink Lady acid crunch resemble a dish of apple crumble and lemon curd. Sour sherbet with a sweet candy mid-center. Well worth the furrowed, worried brow this tricky winemaking style can induce in the winery.

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2016 Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio – as opposed to her twin sister, Pinot Gris – is intended to be linear and citric.

This year’s BK offering is indeed that, bearing striking structural resemblance to gin & tonic with lime. Licorice root, quinine and lemon pith notes give this wine a refreshing, aperitif tang. However, hints of the Pinot Gris sibling are readily apparent with complexing layers of Scottish shortbread, sandalwood and pear Danish on the nose and palate. And here’s a fun alchemy experiment you can try safely at home: leave this wine open for 24 hours and she’ll magically transform to become her sister’s soft-tempered doppelganger.

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2016 Rosé

A stroll through a French summer fête in bloom with a Vietnamese street-market twist.

The warm, luscious breath of ripe strawberries and an exotic underlay of watermelon and thai basil. We’re tasting it and dreaming of duck salad with shredded green papaya and a sweet melon tang. Plan your summer get-away to Paris via Hanoi.

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2016 Car Comb Chardonnay (Limited Release)

We took a bunch of grapes, destemmed them and wrapped them up tight in a bag for a month in traditional French carbonic-maceration style, and – voilà – a classic, French Vin de Table emerged!

Rustic, old-world characters reflecting extended fermentation – honeycomb wax and a soft, talcum texture. It blossoms still wider after 24 hours revealing honeysuckle hints of the Jura. If we just made wine for our own table, this is how we would do it.

Limited Release

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2016 Car Bomb Pinot Noir (Limited Release)

The same treatment as our Car Bomb Chardonnay, with destemmed grapes sealed away tight for a month to allow a slow, extended carbonic maceration – essentially fermentation within the grape.

The result is bold, direct, primarily primal characteristics of sour cherry and campari. A meaty, savory Pinot Noir with a distinct (777) clonal lift that ripens notably after opening. Why did we do it? Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme…

Limited Release

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2015 Swaby Chardonnay

Ever a lady of considerable force and refinement, is our Swaby.

In 2015 she is assertive, voluptuous and persuasive with sweet oak notes and ripping acidity. A Burberry coat atop enviable cleavage. French-bistro flavours of burnt butter and sage entice and a thoroughly balanced palate satisfies. This vintage will cellar magnificently.

100% Piccadilly fruit, wild yeasts, 30% new French oak, fortnightly battonage

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2015 Gower Pinot Noir

We have come to expect a lot of our Gower Pinot Noir, and with good reason.

Hailing from a vintage of abundance in every possible direction – from bumper yields to exceptional quality – Gower 2015 maintains this wine’s enviable reputation for Pinot perfection. Distinctive varietal raspberry, sour cherry and strawberry creaminess on the nose is punctuated by the pomander-ball spiciness of ripe oranges pricked with cloves and the umami tang of shiitake mushrooms. The palate is classic, delicate, elegant Old World Pinot Noir – power without density. Gentle, fine tannins and bright, open fruit characteristics with just a hint of campari bitters. A satisfyingly complete Pinot Noir.

100% Lenswood Pinot Noir, 70% whole bunch, wild yeasts, unfiltered & unfined.


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2015 Syrah Nouveau

The absolutely cracking 2015 Syrah vintage is the centrepiece of this unabashedly fruit-forward, you’re-going-to-want-to-drink-me-immediately, nouveau style. Deepest, darkest purple with scents of mixed-berry compote and fresh sausage meat.

Sage, rosemary and star anise spiciness atop a plump, rounded, beetroot and kale palate. Almost a Pinot Noir profile in weight and structure. Grippy, more-ish, salivating tannins. We drank this with proscuitto on tasting day, but it was 11am on a workday so at some point we just had to quit. We wish for you no such limitations.

100% whole-berry Syrah, includes saignée from Cult Syrah, one month on skins, pressed to tank, full malolactic fermentation.

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