2020 Carte Blanche


Our 2020 incarnation of Carte Blanche version is a blend of our remaining white single varietals post-bottling – Chardonnay, Grüner, Gris, and a soupçon of Savagnin. BK Wines has traditionally stood for the purity of single-vineyard expression. Like a painting done in multiple shades of the same colour, making wines from a single vineyard offers unique complexness to the final wine. But there is malleability and beauty to be found in a full painter’s palette. You find new colours in the moments of overlap that you hadn’t even envisioned. This is a winemaker’s wine, an alchemical aromatic experience of sandalwood, Frankincense and lemon drops. A high proportion of lees to wine lends a lightly chalky, skin-contact texture and a peppery, harmonious palate. As much of a pleasure to make as it is to drink.

Four barrel-fermented chardonnays – not allocated to our single-vineyard wines, small portions of of our two Ovums (10% Grüner, 10% Gris), blended on extra lees.

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