2020 Cidre


In a stroke of oddly fortuitous fabulous timing, a year ago BK and winery right-hand Lauren took over farming 300 organically-reared cidre-apple trees in Basket Range. Planted by a local farmer a decade ago, the seven varieties were lovingly chosen from heritage stock in Tasmania. A phenomenal bead and bready, yeasty aromatic profile surprisingly reminiscent of proper Champagne champagne. The darker colour – almost caramel – is the result of using traditional cidre apples. Balanced and weighty, you can certainly tell that a winemaker made this. Two years of low-yielding grape harvests allowed us both the time and the motivation to find a solution, proving the old adage: when life hands you scant quantities of grapes, make cidre. Don’t moan, prepare and evolve.

Apples crushed and direct pressed to barrel for fermentation. Bottled with a small amount of residual sugar to create carbonation.

Label art by @joce_cova.

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