2021 Pur Jus Pinot Noir


What started as a collab has now found its place in the range with fruit from a vineyard that has rapidly become a firm favourite. Once upon a time there was a Cabernet Franc vineyard deep within a rocky, riverbed wrinkle in Basket Range. One year out of three, the fruit there would ripen… hardly a sustainable state of affairs. So in a burst of inspiration, Pinot Noir was grafted onto these Cabernet Franc roots in the hope that the shift to a cooler-ripening variety would ensure that fewer harvests ended in tears. And it worked! Mostly. About 10% of the grafts didn’t take and the upshot is that we have our own little pocket of the Loire Valley in our backyard with a mélange of Pinot Noir and Cab Franc. Crispy and fresh, just-ripe cherries with a green tea edge courtesy of the Franc. We could not be happier to have our toes in this lovely little pocket of terroir.

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