2023 Skin n Bones Pinot Noir


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Vintage 2023 Pinot Noirs from the Adelaide Hills are more reflective of 2021 than the coolness and nervousness of the season foretold. There was so much concern this year to get the grapes fully ripened before autumn really took hold and the vines shut down. And yet, here we are with the wine in our glass, and you would be forgiven for thinking that it was all smooth sailing. Classic Burgundian barns and haybales on the nose with a round, generous, cherry juice teardrop palate that starts big and jubey and tightens to a dry, elegant finish. How quickly Skin-n-Bones Pinot Noir 2023 allows us to forget its nail-biting origin story. Four Pinot Noir clones (predominantly MV6), 30 days on skins, 10% new French oak for 10 months.