2023 Gut Feeling




A marriage between two is really between three – you, me, and the blend of us. So too with wines, and our gut feeling that Chardonnay and Riesling would make a beautiful partnership has been amply rewarded. Riesling from the deceptively cool southern Adelaide Hills and Chardonnay from our beloved Swaby vineyard were both direct pressed to a 1000L oval barrel for fermentation, with bâtonage through the winter months. Spritzy clean, lime candy on the nose and bright apples on the palate. There is a depth and lusciousness in the texture of this wine that is all its own. Like the two grapes were grown on the same vines. Like this marriage was always meant to be. 70% Chardonnay from the Swaby vineyard and 30% Riesling from Brackenwood in Kuitpo. Pressed to a 1000L oval barrel. Bâtonage in June, July and August, etc etc.