Piquette ‘Love is Blind’ #6


Let’s start with a basic fact: piquette is not wine. It really isn’t fair to piquettes the world over to be compared with wine or asked to take the place of wine or even really talked about in the same places as wine (we ask that you suspend judgement while we talk about it in the same place as wine).

This style is far better considered in the space of sour beer or kombucha (or may Pét Nat… if only Pét Nat weren’t wine) – a light (2.8%), palate-cleansing, thirst-quenching, more-ishly tasty drink with tart, stalky phenolics.

First-pick grapefruit notes and refreshing bitters with a yeastiness at the back palate. Drink cheerfully and light-heartedly in place of something that isn’t wine.