2020 Kismet Chardonnay – Only 150 bottles


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Kismet is divinely ordained fate, the belief that the will of the Universe – be it capricious or predicted – is, regardless, unavoidable. Such was the path of Kismet Chardonnay. While Savagnin typically forms the basis of our Jura-esque flor program, this single barrel of Lenswood Chardonnay from the Fall Vineyard, took its place as a bit of an experiment, remaining in barrel under ullage for two years, untopped, followed by a year in bottle. More than a glancing homage to Le Cloud by Preiure Roch. Dried orange peel, brine, and chalky tannins with oxidative, sherried fringes. A wine to be savoured, whether you believe in the Fates or merely happy accidents