2023 Heaven and Hell Piquette




For the sake of clarity and to avoid confusion and quizzical looks, piquette is not wine. It isn’t made with the juice of fermented grapes, it is made from re-fermentation of the sugars left in the pomace (grapeskins) following winemaking. It has a long, proud, ancient tradition dating right back to the Greeks and beyond… but when you drink it, you must not be thinking “mmm… wine”. Instead, when drinking piquette, it is best to dive into the head space of an acidic, lively, fruity sour beer. And with that in mind, Piquette Heaven and Hell is right where we want it. With confectionary, sherbert-powder-and-a-lick-stick, sugar apple, strawberry tart notes, it is the perfect low-alc drink for summer. Refreshing, glug-worthy, sin-free. Not wine. So good.