2022 Swaby


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Our fourth and final Chardonnay pick of the 2022 season and – without a doubt – the edgiest and arguably most complex of the group. Swaby has never been an easy-going wine – she has quirks and angles and forcefully argued opinions – and we absolutely love her for it. Approach Swaby with curiosity and time to sit and listen and, trust us, you will never be disappointed. The 2022 vintage yielded a particularly intense set of expressions, with characteristics of stone fruit, an exotic spice rack, quince oil and Angostura bitters. Notable for its multitude of layers, impressive length, balance and self-assurance. As with others in the 2022 stable, you can (and really should) leave this wine open for a few days – a minimum of two – to fully experience the potential for evolution. We adore each one of our Chardonnays for their uniqueness, but we’ll admit a bit of favouritism and personal connection when it comes to Swaby. She is complicated and beloved.

100% Piccadilly Chardonnay, handpicked, wild-yeast fermentation, whole bunch pressed to barrel, some bâttonage, 10 months in 25% new French oak, unfiltered and unfined, only 100 dozen made. SOLD OUT